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Are you suffering from a cold? Feel the flu coming on? Let me assure you, you are not alone!
I’ve had an annoying cold/flu with all the yucky symptoms for just over two months now and no matter what I tried (medicine wise) I just couldn’t shake it! A day or two off sick and stuck underneath the duvet later, I swore to myself this was not going to control me any longer.

Looking at holistic and natural ways to beat this occurring feeling, I was recommended to try out B Fresh, a cold pressed juice brand hailing from a small salad grower’s farm in Shropshire & its latest launch of the #winterwarmer – a rich in minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A, juice blend of carrot, apple and ginger. This handy little saviour is packed to the brim with all the fresh & best ingredients needed to help keep a fight the cold, or keep it at bay and keep skin glowing. Plus it tastes great! No bits & just 85 calories per bottle.

I noticed after just three days of drinking three bottles a day of the delicious juice that my mood brightened, complexion began to glow and I felt so much better. B Fresh was the boost I needed to get me through December and I’m still going a full speed now! 

Unfortunately this bad boy wont be around forever – The B Fresh #winterwarmer is only available from December for a limited time only however you can pick up your own supply from a local Wholefoods and B.Fresh online for just £2.50.

Fancy trying B Fresh for yourself? Have any cold fighting tips you can share with myself & CP readers? Let us know below.

Stay healthy!

 CP xo

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