Tights By @heiststudios Review

Have you stocked up on winter luxuries like the perfect pair of tights? Well hold on for a second, because you should definitely add Heist to your collection.

Born in an old spitfire factory in London, Heist tights were created out of an idea to create the perfect tights with an extraordinary new feel. As the story goes, like when a damsel is in distress, the beautiful film producer Julia Godzinskaya, couldn’t find a pair to replace her laddered ones while on a trip in Vienna. A year later, she was married to Heist co-founder Edzard van der Wyck, and the perfect pair of tights was born. 

The redesigned Heist tights comes in black only and in sheer or matte form – it has no seams, can be raised to either a high or low waisted and the waistbands are hand-sewn right onto the tights. The thread count is 5 times more than any other tights out there and they start at just £19 a pair! A bargain for luxurious, well designed, hosiery right? 

To top it all off, Heist are actively searching looking for artists, photographers and illustrators to commission original content to celebrate the female form, which is what Heist are all about! Heist tights are strong, sexy and reliable. They have no seams or gusset, which means they look incredible, with or without clothes on… Ahem… as you can see! 

What I love most about Heist tights, is the waistband as it beats wearing a pair of tights and shapewear knickers – As a curvy woman, shapewear is important and unlike many brands which claim to include shapewear into their designs, Heist’s waistband is thick enough to hold you in without showing through clothes. I also love the packaging, as will you! 

Have a heist-tastic weekend!
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CP xo

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