PoshCorn By @Tyrrells Review

Do you ever get that Friday feeling where you don’t want to go out? You know, not for any particular reason apart from the fact that you are excruciatingly knackered from a long week at work, pay day has long gone and you are strapped for cash? 

Poshcorn is available to order from Ocado in eight new delicious flavours 

Well, I’m kind in this mode right now and with Christmas around the corner, I could really do with watching the pounds. So instead of deliberating what to do on Friday night, take a leaf out of my book and grab yourself some delicious flavoured Poshcorn by Tyrell‘s, available now from your local supermarket in delicious Sweet & Salty (my fave) and get yourself in front of a good box-set. Oh you haven’t watched Fargo yet? Get downloading now and finish it tonight! 

CP xo

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