An Adult Toy Story: Hot Octopuss PULSE II SOLO

Gosh I have written anything remotely sexy in a while!

To be fair this was my first post on sex & sex toys but it managed to become one of my most popular posts and obviously one of your faves. So when I heard about Hot Octopuss, I thought you lot should get in on the ‘action’ too! Excuse the pun.

In celebration of Toy Story’s 20th Anniversary last month, sex toy brand Hot Octopuss took a slightly more adult steer on celebrations – looking back at how both male and female sex toys have evolved over the years… An ‘Adult Toy Story’, if you will. Hot Octopuss, the brand behind the invention of the world’s first ever ‘Guybrator’ launched it’s hero toy, PULSE back in 2014 with a slightly tongue in cheek, albeit insightful, video to explain The Evolution of Masturbation.


This year marked the launch of the brand’s latest collection, featuring an upgraded version of the original ‘Guybrator’, PULSE II SOLO, along with a revolutionary couples’ toy, PULSE II DUO and is the first toy of its kind on the market to feature independently controlled, dual motors. Cool, hey?

I also found out that the PULSE also defies certain disability induced capabilities. The PULSE II SOLO and DUO can be used to help combat sexual dysfunction in those with mobility issues, HIV and other physical disabilities affecting sex life, as the technology allows users to ejaculate (orgasm) without the need for an erection. The technology allows for hands – free stimulation, making the toys an ideal aid for those with physical impairments.

So, what lies beyond? Hot Octopuss has successfully led the way in bringing male masturbation in to the 21st century, and plans to continue it’s innovative run with a few more buzz-tastic products in the pipeline for 2016.

Now what I want to know is, are you interested? The PULSE can be purchased here… perhaps another great gift to add to THE GIFT GUIDE?

CP xo

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