Halloween @ Fiesta w/ Sainsburys

I’m so excited for Halloween! Being raised in a Catholic household you’d think we were sworn of celebrating the event but my family have never been too strict, plus growing up, they’d always throw the best parties. And Halloween was no exception – even the kids got stuck in with prepping. What I remember and loved most was decorating the house and creating ‘The Tub Of Doom’ – which was basically a huge basin with toys and treats thrown in amongst really gruesome things like beans, slime and pretty much whatever us kids could get hold of. Oh the good old days of DIY.

Nowadays, not everyone has the time for all of that so many brands are supplying their local stores with ebvrything you need to create the best themed party with a wide selection of decorations. However none are quite like the decorations I saw at Sainsbury’s Halloween press day. They had everything from sweets, makeup, wigs – costumes for men, kids and women (which go right up to a plus size 24), decorative pumpkins, eerily designed yet delicious canapes & drinks, table settings and standing ornaments. 

I was so impressed with the Sainsburys Halloween offering that when I was commissioned to design the set for Fiesta’s Halloween Party (see flyer below) I jumped at the offer and heading straight to my biggest Sainsbury’s supermarket (Dalston Kingsland) and spent just under £50 on decorations which will really make the Fiesta revellers spook out! 

If you havent planned your Halloween outfit yet, head over to Sainsbury (both instore and online) now for an effective costume and dont forget to pick up decorations and decorative foods whilst you are there. 

And if you are looking for a themed party to go to, I’d highly suggest head over to 

Fiesta’s Facebook page now and sharing it will all of your friends! 

CP xo

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