A .@SaclaUK Lasagne – My First Recipe Post

A SaclaUK Lasagne – My First Recipe Post

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was busy (as usual) but I finally found some time to dedicate towards cooking and staying in the kitchen on Sunday. Whilst the rest of my family were enjoying some real home cooked Caribbean Ackee & Saltfish, I switched it up and began cooking with some of the new Sacla ingredients I was sent here by the brand. 

Traditionally, Dolmio was the brand I grew up cooking all types of Bolognese and Lasagne dishes with, so it was pretty new to me, to now make a Lasagne with mainly Sacla sauces but I think there was a definite noticeable difference in the taste. I also popped to my local Italian restaurant/ deli Trattoria Sapori for a few special ingredients – Pancetta & Provolone Cheese which I’ve been loving so much recently that I had to try it out in this new recipe. I even shared it with my boyfriend and his friends…needless to say, it went down a treat which has made me rekindle my love of cooking! So expect to see many more of these kinds of recipe posts on the blog going forward. If you like what I’m doing here, I’d really love to hear your thoughts and words of support and encouragement. 

CP xo


By Chloe Pierre LDN





1 (and a half) Small Red Onions – Finely sliced

3-5 Cloves of garlic OR prepare yourself some garlic paste (reciepe coming soon) – Peeled, crushed and finely chopped

1 Small glug of Coconut Oil – Try Lucy Bee’s Coconut Oil is my fave!

2 Bay leaves OR a handful of Spinach leaves

Generous sprinkle of sea salt 

1 Small Red Chilli – Finely sliced and seeds removed

Generous sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper

1 Kilo of minced meat

7-8 thinly sliced rashes of Pancetta

2 Kilos of Provolone Piccante cheese

1 Tins of chopped tomatoes 

2/3 of a bottle red wine

2/3 of Sacla Bolognese Sauce 

1 Jar of Sacla White Lasagna Sauce

1 generous tsp of Marmite (not necessary but a nice touch)

1 pack of Lasagna Sheets – You won’t use a whole packet for just one dish

To begin with, I heated a small glug of coconut oil in the pan on a low heat and when hot, I spread this evenly across the whole pan for coverage. 

Next I added the finely sliced chillies *minus seeds* along with the red onions for a minute.

 Then I added 2 packets of mince meat to the pan along with a little salt and pepper. Ensure you take a spoon to begin mixing all of the ingredients together and to help avoid the meat from clumping together. Should this happen, gently break the clumps with the spoon. Once the meat is browned, generously add garlic/ garlic paste, bay leaves, chopped tomatoes, marmite (if you like, or a squirt of tomato ketchup) and red wine. Mix this for at least 5 mins and let it simmer. 

After 8-10 minutes, add the jar of Sacla Bolognese Sauce to the concoction, stir for another 2-5 minutes then leave the meat and sauce to brew and eventually dry out. You don’t want too much liquid in your lasagne however you must not let it dry out completely.

Once the meat has stewed for at least 20-30 minutes (you can leave it for longer, this is up to you), throw in trimmed cuts of thinly sliced pancetta and then grab your chosen pirate dish and slowly begin layering the bottom of the dish evenly with the bolognese. 

Then proceed to adding your first layer of lasagne sheets, again evenly for an overall coverage. 

Top with grated Provolone cheese *finely* and then smooth Sacla White Lasagna sauce on top of this. I generally only make a two tiered lasagne but if you want to make more layers, double your ingredient proportions and repeat the last step as many times as needed. 

For the last layer, I again spread evenly across more bolognese, then the lasagne sheets and finally top with the last helping of Sacla White Lasagna sauce and then a generous and even layer of grated or sliced provolone cheese. 

Preheat your oven for 10 minutes at Gas Mark 4, then place the complete dish in the oven for 30-45 mins (or at least until the top cheesy layer is brown) and then remove and let this stand for 5-10 minutes. 

To serve, I generally tend to evenly carve out squares so it’s easy and fair proportions for all being served but however you like to serve your food, do just that and enjoy! 

***Any Lasagne not eaten on the day of baking should be stored in the fridge

for up to 3 days ***

If you want to try this recipe or have any tips for making it more spectacular, drop me a comment below.

CP xo

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