10 Reasons To Visit @GodivaUK Ice Cream

There really isn’t just one good reason to treat yourself to some chocolate or even some ice cream. I can probably find you at least 10 different excuses as to why you should probably try luxury chocolatier Godiva’s new Ice Cream Parlour but to make this a little bit more interested, appealing and yummy, I’m firstly going to give you the images of my Godiva experience via the Regent Street store…then a list of reasons to visit below. If you have any submissions as to why you should treat yourself to some ice cream today or why you want to visit Godiva Regent Street or Harrod’s, let me know! 

CP xo

Godiva’s lovely Staff – Joana, Marion & Siaed

1. Ice cream is the ultimate comfort food. It will almost instantly lift your spirit on a rainy day! Ice Cream is forever, not just on hot sunny days! 

 2. Because ice cream fat is nothing to fear! Make this your motto!

3. Have you ever tried luxury chocolate transformed into ice cream? It’s quite an exclusive experience…you really don’t want to miss it!

4. The Regent Street store is simply stunning!

5. You can pick up some chocolate and fruit fondant/ kebab pieces whilst there too! #Winning

6. Choose from either flavours – luxurious vanilla or intense dark chocolate. If you can’t decide, fear not! You can always pick both flavours! The combination is delicious!

7. Check out their really cute gift boxes which are on a similar level to having LV suitcases to travel with. Really! 

8. The Godiva store staff are so sweet, smiley and know their chocolate! They have really cool uniform too!

9. For Your Hormones – Did you know that the proper ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids in grass-fed dairy, as well as consuming enough healthy fats in general, helps keep your hormones in balance? Now you do!

10. You burn calories faster when you’re cold – ice cream speeds up your metabolism (or so we say). Hallelujah!

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