#CurrysChristmasWalk with Fitbit

Flashback to last year… WOW! It sounds so long ago! 

So as I was saying, flashback to last year December 2014 when things were super manic, and whilst I was planning holiday arrangements and buying Christmas presents/ shopping for last minute bits, including food (I left this till Christmas Eve after having two champagne bellinis with friends – NEVER do this btw) I was introduced to Pulse O x, a pint-sized smart activity tracker from Fit Bit on the #Currys – 

a Blogger’s Day Out initiative organised by Joes Blog Network. 

In all honesty I love technology but I hadn’t fallen head over heels with this new smart, wearable-tech-clothing phenomena and still am not yet convinced, however I do think its rather cool to have a fitness tracker and other such smart products especially if your working out or trying to raise your fitness game. At the time however, way back in December, fitness and smart technology were not at the top of my list of things to buy however deep down, I knew I had to get my health and fitness in check. Even in December, I was burgeoning desire for a lifestyle change! 

 Gorgeous stands in Charbonnel et walker

Shoes from Agnona

So at the #CurrysChristmasWalk which was co-hosted by Best LDN Walks, the London tour initiative (which I’d recommend everyone to do at least once! Just, probably not London’s West End or any shopping attraction around Christmas, as it is just awfully busy, noisy and you will likely get lost, which is what I did!) I became acquainted with my Fitbit Flex Activity Wristband – a handy, all-day activity tracker band with wireless heart rate monitoring features and took it on a spin around Mayfair to see how much a good shopping session really does equate for in terms of exercise and fitness. Before getting lost from my group Best LDN Walks took us on an exciting tour of The Royal Arcade situated on Old Bond Street, which I had never ever been to, just past once or twice, which was simply beautiful and filled with some of the cutest boutiques including Charbonelle et Walker which I will definitely be visiting later on this year – even if it is just for some window shopping or cheeky tasters.

 Snapshots from inside Ralph Lauren

Once lost from the group, I decided to take my Fitbit on a trip of my own, serious Christmas Shopping and headed straight over to Bond Street where I found the most magical gifts for my boyfriend in Ralph Lauren and of course, took the wonderful store assistants on a trek to find me the perfect gifts, all monogrammed of course with fine detail paid to thread colour, counts and other really specific material breakdowns. Next up was a browse for gifts in Aspinal Of London, Fortnum and Mason as well as discovering a new brand, Agnona which I absolutely adore! 

Overall I quite liked the opportunity to experience the Fitbit Pulse Ox – Flex Activity & Sleep Wristband which is available from Currys now, however I was disappointed with some of the features and because of that I didn’t test others further. I was most disheartened by the gadget’s overall basics i.e turning it on and syncing it with the Bluetooth on my HTC mobile. This exercise took so long, I literally gave up and just as I was about to put it in my bag, a whole 20-25 minutes later it began to work and graced me with it’s presence. 

I guess I’m extremely inpatient but in my opinion, trackers and smart products are supposed to be fast and on-the-go convenience products NOT take ages and bore your user. 

I was also quite disappointed in the range of features, especially compared to the likes of it’s cousin, the Surge. Admittedly, the Fitbit Surge is a performance tracker and super fitness watch which boasts GPS Tracking, long battery life and music/ notifications, but also the new Tory Burch for Fitbit, fashion forward collaborative piece, is simply quite stunning and perfect for concealing the fact that its a smart gadget!


I really must check out the other features available on the Pulse, so please do stay tuned to find out how and if I find the sleep and blood oxygen level analysis features work for me. Likewise if you think I’m taking to long to share this information with you, tell me

Just like if you manage to get a Fitbit product which does work, and you read the specifications before purchasing to find out which product really is for you and your goals, then you have one up on me! 

Despite my slight unhappiness with the product, I actually think it’s really cool and love what the brand is doing especially being that I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle myself. 

Have you tried any Fitbit products? What are your thoughts and/or recommendations? 

If you have any tricks to get my Pulse working adequately or if there are any alternative products you know of please let me know! I’ll be on Twitter 24/7 or you can drop me a message in the comment box below. Thanks for stopping by and reading this post! 

CP xo

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