2015 Travel Goals

Happy 2015!!!

I cannot help but think about my next holiday or my travel goals for 2015.

After a crisis Facebook post on Monday which reached the ears/ eyes of my closest girl friends, I am literally searching the web for travel inspiration, except, there aren’t many amazing, long haul holiday destinations to travel on a budget during the first quarter of this year, plus I’m not sure if my friends have the same inspiration as me for my next trip…

This is my idea of a getaway right now…

Alongside my travel inspirations, I also have travel goals for 2015 which I do hope to be able to tick of before the end of December 2015 and here they are…

Neemrana Fort, India




Ile De Res

Babington House

Dijon, France




Alp Pasa Hotel, Turkey

Boutique Hotel Galini, Greece

Socotra, Yemen

Heure-Bleue Palais

If you know of any great spots which will suit my travel dreams, deals or alternatives, please do get in touch! Any inspiration, suggestions or feedback is welcomed.

Happy New Year loves!

CP xo 

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