Winter Work Wear with Elvi Fashion

Every time I start a new job, my brain goes in to overdrive about what to/ not to wear and if I have enough of the ‘basics’…You know what I mean right? In layman’s terms, I’m pretty much saying

“I have nothing to wear!!!”

Usually, this is a straight up lie however over the last six months I’ve been desperate to change the outlook and palette of my wardrobe as well as catering for quality pieces which hug my voluptuous shape. There really aren’t many “curvy/ plus size” brands or ranges I trust for absolute quality in terms of work wear and I have no time for wardrobe malfunctions…especially not in the office!

That has got to be my worst nightmare.

I was sent a few pieces by Plus Size retailer Elvi to try for size, fit and durability which I shot outside of my office because I thought it would look pretty & really because I wanted to show of my work style on the street! I love the fact each of these items can be worn a multitude of ways (even perfect for wearing out of the office too!) but most importantly, to me anyway, is that the quality is untouchable. After wearing both the Cami and Jacket constantly throughout the whole working day, whilst entertaining guests from our US office, running from one meeting to another and ensuring the general up keep of the office was on point at every moment, I ultimately felt secure and at no point did I feel exposed by any of the items nor were they inappropriate for the corporate office.

In fact, I thought my look was effortlessly cool yet formal. One word I haven’t used to describe my review of these Elvi products…yet… is confident but I can guarantee you I was!

You might even be able to read that from my images and my body attitude – it was absolutely freezing in London and I obviously didn’t care much about the weather or who was looking either.

What I love most is that both items seem to have built in structure, especially in the chest area.

I felt the cami ‘held me in’ quite nicely on top without looking stretched or too small whilst the bottom of the blouse didn’t stick to my stomach either…I promise you I wasn’t even sucking it in! 

Nevertheless even if I was, the Waterfall detail on this blazer/ jacket covered me perfectly!

Be assured, Elvi clothing run true to size – my Elvi Black Waterfall Jacket (with zips) is a UK size 16 & Cobalt Pleated Cami is a UK size 14 and each item is made from a mixed blend of polyester & spandex fabrics, perfect for movement and  wiping down stains quickly!

Which is an issue I’ve never been able to avoid!

CP xo

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