QMS Medicosmetics Skin Cell Renewal Treatment Review

Do you neglect your skin somewhat in the winter? If so you are definitely not alone – 

I sometimes feel that I do too! Exfoliations, facials and sometimes, even moisturising gets put on the back burner, which although I’m at fault for, I recognise that this is not good and maintaining your skin during even season is crucial. The winter month’s and increasingly cold weather can play absolute havoc on your skin especially your face…it generally gets the worst of it. So making positive steps going forward to relieve my precious skin, I have been treating myself to facials, although I have been lax this December. 

Step in QMS Medicosmetics!

The QMS Medicosmetics clinic is a skincare haven, with space like interior and is also situated in one of London’s most cutest neighbourhoods and in a stunning landmark building. On arrival I was introduced to my therapist who quickly told me more about the facial I was about to receive and the history behind QMS Medicosmetics brand which was created by Dr. Med Erich Schulte, who after working for many years as a plastic surgeon, saw a gap to design advanced skincare products and spa treatments which would make skin look and feel great before surgery and ultimately revolutionize the way we see, treat and care for our skin. 

I was treated to the Skin Cell Renewal Treatment, with an Ion Skin Equalizer, which is exclusively designed to support and enhance the skin’s own stem cells. This innovative treatment noticeably improves the skin’s metabolism to leave it smoother, firmer and brighter, all of which I experienced very soon. My favourite part of the whole treatment was weirdly, having an algae mask applied to the whole of my face. This beauty of a product is extremely cooling and so thick, it almost made me feel like a mummy! 

Photo credit: @alexibergstrom

As I said previously however, it felt slightly odd being applied and pasted on for a whole 8 minutes but strangely satisfying! I only wish I had someone to take an image of me with it on… that would have been uploaded straight to instagram! Above is an image to show you just what the mask looks like, taken  from my fellow blogger Alexi Bergstrom… Hey Alexi! x

The rest of the treatment included a number of facial products including a collagen mask, steaming and zit popping which I also found strangely satisfying. I left the clinic in literally a haze and noticed a few stares on my journey home which made me almost feel like a celebrity. When I glanced in a mirror passing Rigby and Peller, only a short distance away on Kings Road, I could see why I was getting these looks! My skin was bright and literally gleaming from every angle!  

All in all, this was a magical experience which I wish I could afford every month but with a £175 price tag, I’m afraid this will definitely have to be a bi-monthly treat. If you’d like to try out QMS Medicosmetics for yourself, the wonderful spa also has monthly deals which are a bargain! This month’s offer is on the Skin Brightening Treatment for just £90 – Plus they also have a gift service where you can purchase the ultimate gift for your Mum, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Cousin, partner or friend. Take a look at the luxury offerings here

If you are a fan of QMS Medicosmetics or simply would like to experience one of their fantastic treatments for yourself, drop me a message on Twitter, Facebook or simply leave a comment below and I’ll give you the best advice possible.

CP xo

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  1. December 12, 2014 / 5:01 pm

    Oh it was amazing! I would recommend it to you 100%! Thanks for reading CP xo