Trip Jude’s Ice Cream Farm

Don’t you just love to wrap up in a duvet, sit in front of the TV watching your favourite box set, whilst ploughing into a tub of delicious ice cream? I love it and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few tubs of the scrumptious Jude’s Ice Cream just freezing perfectly in my freezer from my trip earlier this year to where Jude’s Ice Cream is made! 

I rounded off the last bit of sunshine in August with a trip down to Hampshire to spend a day with the family and brand of Jude’s Ice Cream. Funnily enough, I had never been to Hampshire before but boy, what a great time I had, spending the day with the founders and team behind the delicious Jude’s Ice Cream

Story PR and food writers Victoria Ferran & Rose McCullough I jumped on an overhead train from Waterloo station heading straight to Winchester, where we were met by Jude’s Ice Cream’s founder , and quickly taken to the place where the brand was initially conceived and created – in a gorgeously well presented and homely barn converted home shared by Theo Mezgar and his lovely wife Jude (Judith), whom the ice cream was named after. 

With the weather holding up just perfectly and no sign of rain I was shown around the Mezgar’s estate and pointed to area’s where the family once housed the village run business from literally their back garden! Being a inner city girl, born and bred in London, the area and sights were delightful and ironically very homely and warming for someone as cosmopolitan as me. Over tea & fresh water, followed by a light artisan lunch, founding father Theo charmingly told the story of how he turned his passion for food and somewhat hobby into a flourishing business. If you love ice cream, you may wish to know the facts behind Jude’s Ice Cream before I move on to tell you what the brand has in store for you;

Jude’s Ice Cream like most small, local business started extremely small and was initially sold in Theo’s local Easton pub before being spotted by the likes of Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and even michelin chef’s James Martin, Raymond Blanc, Marco Pierre White and of course, Gordon Ramsay. 

Jude’s Ice Cream is practically ice cream royalty now, with the brand supplying and creating some of it’s most delectable and top secret flavours from a number of high end, fine dining, luxury restaurants.

Of course, a tour of the Jude’s factory was inevitable and although I cannot disclose too much on the secrets which make Jude’s Ice Cream as magical as it is, I can tell you let you in on some of the delicious flavours they are releasing soon and some of which may already be available in your local Whole Foods, Ocado, Bluebird and Waitrose supermarkets – Salted Caramel, Blood Orange Sorbet and the game changing Valrhona Chocolate sorbet.

CP xo

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