Bandelettes Review

Time is ticking ever so quickly and days are flying past like nobody’s business, and I have SO much to share with you! Today, I’m going to share with you one of my new wardrobe and outfit essentials, Bandelettes. This amazing brand has solved a problem I have suffered with for years and that is #chubrub & leg #chaffing…

The funniest thing is I had no idea there was an actual term for the inside of your thighs rubbing so bad that you begin to get an awfully sore in between your legs. 

This issue can really put you off wearing skirts, shorts, and dresses which is where my problem usually lies, that is until now! I came across Bandelettes through my favourite channel R29 and an article called ‘Finally! Fashion Provides A Solution For Thigh Rubbing‘ by Liz Black, my fellow #curvygirl.

Despite many ‘Fashion Solutions’ being unbearably ugly and awfully Grandma looking, Bandelettes are  very chic and come in a range of colours and materials, perfect for any look you are planning to rock!

Above you will see that Bandelettes quickly became my Summer travelling essential, right up there with my favourite toiletries, beauty and hair products. I took them with me to Paris, then Croatia and back to London where I have been slipping them on for nights out and sometimes to work, depending on my outfit. Bandelettes are so soft on your skin and so easy to slip on! 

In a rush, I even managed to slip them over my clunky Timberland Boots! 

What really makes Bandelettes an awesome product and every woman’s wardrobe/ panty/ hosiery draw essential is that despite then being seem as a ‘curvy girls’ problem, this is a widely a problem women of all shapes and sizes face, so being the amazing brand that they are, Bandelettes have a range of products available in an array of sizes (please measure your legs whilst standing up before placing your order), are decorative, discreetly hiding their real purpose and are also designed with a non-slip silicone strip to stop you from experiencing any awkward and embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. I have worn mine constantly, week in and week out and they still don’t slip down! Result! 

And should you feel these bad boys are getting a bit stretched, I would advise you wash them in the machine on a low heat wash just to get them back to their original strength and fit.

I love my Bandelettes and would recommend them to everyone! 

Bandelettes are the new shape wear revolution and everyone wears shape wear, so get yours now and let me know just how much they have improved your leg rubbing issues!

CP xo


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