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From looking at this blog & it’s foodie section, you’d be right in thinking that I love food and going by my last few food posts you’d also believe poultry is one of my favourite meats. I am sorry to disappoint, but I actually despise chicken because in my family and culture, it is way overcooked and in British culture I find it’s just so bland! However the past few restaurants where I’ve had it, I have really enjoyed it! Take Bird for example. This new Shoreditch restaurant/ hangout has totally capitalised on the fried chicken trend of recent times but, Bird has a spin which will really ruffle it’s chicken shop neighbours wings, as Bird maintains itself as being a free range chicken supplier & 100% gluten free! 

The only thing frozen in this restaurant is the ice cream, which I couldn’t review as my tummy was busting after the meal I had!

It was a really warm, early-September evening, one day after work in which I attended the new Bird restaurant, introduced to me by my boyfriend who was hosting a License 2 Trill/ Fiesta meeting there with colleagues. Bird restaurant is located just under the (unofficially named ‘Shoreditch Bridge’) bridge on Kingsland Road, beside one of my favourite London boutiques, Relax Garden and easy to reach by the East London’s Overground train to Hoxton. On arrival, most of my party (3 people excluding myself) had arrived and there was a maximum of 10 other guests in the restaurant which quickly changed 30 mins later! The floor was filled with 18-35 year old diners, a bustling atmosphere and great music – think SWV, Frank Ocean, Donnell Jones and maybe, just maybe…just maybe a bit of 2Chains. Our waitress was super helpful and also had a trainee staff member which her, so didn’t mind going over the menu, best-sellers and her own personal favourite dishes.

Fried Chicken & Waffle £10

After a really hard time deliberating what to order, I decided to go with the simple (but filling) Fried Chicken & Waffle which consisted of two pieces of fried chicken (I begged for breast pieces as I hate all the other parts) and two relatively small waffles filled with griddled bacon & cheddar, but don’t be put off, these waffles pack a filling! This side comes with maple syrup which I suggest you mix with the table’s complimentary hot pepper sauce. It’s such a tasty combination. If I have to give one con, I’d say the waffle wasn’t very exciting and it didn’t really taste of much cheddar at all and although the bacon was evident once the waffle was sliced, I couldn’t taste much of it.

Fried Chicken Sandwich £10

(side) Corn Pudding £3.50 

My boyfriend went for the Fried Chicken Sandwich which was definitely more of a burger, as recommended by the waitress as one of her favourites and a Corn Pudding Side. I was actually really jealous of his choices just from seeing them arrive at the table and more so after sampling some of his meal. I loved the light & sauciness of the coleslaw in the sandwich,which really complimented the equally light, free range, deep fried chicken breast – again, my favourite part of a chicken. At the time my visit to the restaurant, Bird made the sandwich with a potato roll bun (a gluten free alternative to the ordinary burger bun) however as of 25th September 2014, this has now changed to an ordinary bun. I didn’t mind the previous option however with the coleslaw, the sandwich became very sloppy. As for the Corn Pudding, it was great! Cheesy, fluffy, with a crunchy, corn topping. Unfortunately it kind of reminded me of mac n cheese but not as filling, however definitely worth a try. 

Everyone’s taste buds are different after all. 

Chicken & Waffle Burger £12

Thanks to Instagram, the Chicken & Waffle Burger is fast making the Bird Restaurant famous! This ‘burger’ just reminds me of those old school Fatty Arbuckle & Triple Chili Meat Mission challenges as it really is one mean feat. One of my Boyfriend’s friends who loves to eat…and eat a lot went for one order of this dish and was completely 

I believe Bird will change their menu regularly over time as the current menu doesn’t show any of the meals above, however check out their Facebook for updates and deals like 

‘Wing Wednesday’ – 12 wings + 1 beer can for just £10!

I really enjoyed my overall visit to Bird. It’s clean, smells good (both restaurant & food) and the fried chicken is cooked to perfection – definitely not too dry nor too crumbly! The staff was amazing as was the vibe, a perfect representation of it’s locality and I just love the fact that Bird seems relatively healthy, is affordable and makes going gluten free comfortable. Definitely a hotspot for you to visit with friends anytime of the week for something light but filling.

Do you love chicken? Thinking of visiting Bird? If you enjoyed this read and it has made you want to try Bird, or if you’ve already tried Bird, I’d also love to hear what you thought of it! Please leave a comment below. 

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