My Ombralayage Hair By Neville hair Salon – Review

Good morning! I wanted to share with you, a recent ‘summer’ change to my hair. 

As you may know, I am fiercely natural when it comes to hair, not having relaxed my hair in over 24 months if not longer. By no means has this been an easy feat and has often left me in a state when it comes to going out and trying to look my best, even on an every day kind of basis. 

For some reason, it took me some time to accept my naturally and beautiful afro hair type (I think I’m a 4c but please don’t quote me on that as I’m not really into delving deep into defining my hair and curl type). Alongside this, I have long been bored of my hair and tried so many different hairstyles including temporary colour washes, extensions, up do’s and braid outs, yet still boredom consistently strikes again and again. So when offered to test out the new Ombralayage, which counts the likes of Khloe Kardashian & Kelly Brook as converts, I was totally up for it!

Generally and through past experience, I thought permanently dyeing/ highlighting my hair was a ‘no no’ since I have experienced so much damage from these kind of processes, but then again I thought to myself “you only live once and hair grows!”and the reason my hair broke was likely to be the fact it wasn’t applied by a professional.

So on accepting the offer I headed to the stunning Neville Hair Salon off Sloane Street, to get my new Ombralayage do, which was performed by the lovely Colour Director Seniz Alkan, pronounced ‘She- Niz’, who was personally trained by Khloe Kardashian’s colourist, Anja Burton.

The service at Neville was faultless with any worries I had previously, put at ease almost instantly. Each stylist, whether it was Seniz’s amazing assistant Rachel or blow drying kings Donald & Netto, each was extremely professional and seemed to know exactly how to manage my hair – even if it (my hair) did look daunting to them initially. Afro hair, as I now understand can look like this at times however mine is actually not as wild or hard to tame as it looks. Dont be afraid of it…it simply requires patience, professional awareness and a soft touch.

Now I really cannot go into the whole Ombralayage technique and how it was applied, step by step, because that’s really Seniz’s job so please feel free to ask her via Twitter here, but the whole ‘colouring’ process took just over an hour and included applying the specially concocted ‘L’Oreal’ colour to backcombed, straight & chemical-free hair using a free-hand/ weaving technique which was then sealed with cling film (similar to foil highlights). The colour was left on to my hair/ random strands for 20 minutes then washed off carefully. Redken products were then used to cool the colour and ensure my hair didn’t turn a awful orange and then conditioned to immaculate perfection before being blown out by.

For someone who wanted to take a risk with little damage, this look instantly sat well with me & I am honestly proud to be called Seniz’s first Afro hair/ Ombralayage client. There’s always space for a first right?! So now, I’m noticeably blonder, but the colour is clever, subtle and looks very naturally sun-kissed! This is low-maintenance hair colouring at it’s best and I totally recommend it everyone! 

Just try and ensure your hair has no relaxer/chemicals on it…that would be super scary!

Ombralayage at Neville Hair & Beauty, 5 Pont Street, London SW1, costs from £250 to £300. 

Call 020 7235 3654 or visit to book.

Have you ever tried the dip dye/ ombralayage dye yourself, at home or professionally?

Are you loving my new do and think Seniz did a great job? Let us know!

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CP xo

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