Apologies for the #latergram and delayed post but boy does travelling really take the stuffing out of you! I’ve been blessed of late with so many travel opportunities that I couldn’t possibly say no, but with life proving as busy, crazy and demanding as ever, it’s hard to travel and keep one’s sanity! This post was actually written in the magical, desert land of Abu Dhabi which I mistakenly confused for Dubai. I was in the Middle East for the second time in a decade, visiting my lovely expat Uncle who works for Eithad Airways who were also my travel provider for this trip. I would recommend anyone flying to the #UAE to fly with Eithad Airways. They are extremely efficient in terms of their service…no other airline has consistently come close to departing and arriving on time like they are, plus I really love the decor of the aircraft.

As you can see from the images above, Abu Dhabi & Dubai was simply beautiful however I didn’t get round to seeing half the places on my list, mainly due to my Uncle being apprehensive about letting two young women travel alone out there but I will go back and complete this destination post!

Due to my constant travelling of late, I would like to think of myself as somewhat as a connoisseur of how to really travel comfortable without losing you chic! For my flight to Abu Dhabi, comfort was the key influencer as I had literally travelled from Amsterdam to London then London to Abu Dhabi…all  in less than 15 hours… crazy I know!

Tracksuit – ZARA Men

Trainers – Nike Huraches (find similar styles here)

Backpack – FYT

My new go to #traveloutfit consisted freshly washed, natural, twist-out hair, fresh white Nike Huraches (sold out pretty much everywhere) along with my very new and much loved rucksack by FYT which I love! It has an amazing multi compartment storage for such a compact bag and is made from really durable canvas and leather. Now, if you are a Zara shopper, you will know that this tracksuit is actually from the men’s collection, but why should that stop me? Since it’s purchase in June, I simply cannot live without it! It fits so snug and allows me to look put together all the while, maintaining my…ahem…’urban edge’. As if I haven’t gone on already, this is also no ordinary tracksuit…it’s made from a beautiful & sophisticated cotton knit, with concealed panels down the outside of each leg and is knitted. I also cannot wait to wash this outfit to tighten the knit again #CPtip Always wash knits on a cold wash so to not shrink the fabric too much! 

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CP xo

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