The Fading Leopard Nail Trend

When it comes to nails, mine are a total disaster! For years I have tried to keep them somewhat semi-long and healthy but tend to fail…miserably and somewhat constantly.  In my adolescent, I have to admit that I was one of those teenage girls who thought nice nails meant to go get an acrylic extension set done, which damaged my nails on every single occasion and has left an awful (not to mention) lasting effect on my once thick and strong nails. So it’s very clear and safe to say, that nowadays I don’t go anywhere near an acrylic set, because thankfully I found Shellac and Gel set nails. 

Like GHD’s I wish these were around say 15 years ago. I would have saved a LOT of tears! 

Recently, I attended the Brandnation press day (please see below, images of their beautiful AW14 brands and collections) there, I was treated to a mini Bio Scultpure Gel Manicure and can I say it was love at first site and awe when the nails were removed. 

The Bridge Luxury Leather Goods

USA Pro was my favourite collection of the evening! 


A Marie Melli Bra – Great source of inspiration for my ‘Fading Leopard’ nails

Sunkissed by Lucy Mecklenburgh 

Milk Cosmetics

The RA Pearl

Dentek Dental Care

The lovely technician Carly Marlesden is extremely gentle and precise when it comes to applying the gel to nails. For me, it was a luxurious experience where my nails were actually taken care of, for free! and I was given a brand new design that I, and many hadn’t seen before. 

This nail design follows the every popular Leopard print trend but with a twist on a flawless nude gel polish. And the name for this new trend created by Carly, is…. The Fading Leopard.

Started off like this (above)

Lush! Do you like my gorgeous nails? Can you share any new trends with me?

Wanna give it a try? 

Send in your pics to me on Twitter or Facebook and I’ll share all of the best!

CP xo

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