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How amazing does Summer make you feel? I was born in June so I will always be a summer baby, and to me Summer is about coming out and spending time doing fun things with people you love and meeting new people. 

The PR’s over at IPR Fashion are just that, a bunch of amazing spirited people who I love to hang out with at every possible opportunity. Why? Because they know how to have a great time, I always learn so much from our days/ afternoons out and like me, they always have a bunch of lovely, likewise people for me to meet.

Please note: This is a slightly late but great post! 

Their most recent creative event conjured by IPR on behalf of their outdoor/lifestyle/ fashion brand, Timberland offered a number of industry heads the chance to mingle, eat amazing food by top chefs & DJ BBQ, dabble in a DJ session, indulge in a spirits masterclass with and to create a one-of-a-kind skateboard with Inky Fingers who are working extremely hard to promote skateboarding as an important part of our modern culture and to save the Southbank’s Skate Park. 

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By successfully taking over IPR’s HQ, Timberland delivered their AW14 initiative ‘outdoors in the city’ in true style! Such a great night! 

   The Juicy Lucy Burger created by DJ BBQ using a Weber Barbecue & The London Log Company

Trying not to get drunk in the wood-aged spirit masterclass with Thinking Drinkers

The DJ Workshop 

Photo: IPR London

The finished product! 

My very own Skateboard with Inky Fingers + Screen Printing, Giggles & Sharpie Pens

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