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YES YES my lovely readers, Chloe Pierre is back on Instagram @ChloePierre_LDN – Come find & follow me!

After a brief and hidden hiatus, it feels like a brand new, cosmic start for myself and the blog, so without further adieu I am excited to share my new Instagram profile with you!

Look forward to receiving news and image content of what I’m up to at present, the hottest new fashion I come across and loads more fun, fun FUN!!

To my loyal and honest readers, I wanted to share with you my reasons for leaving and then rejoining Instagram because you may sympathize with my feelings towards the app and some parts of social media in general and take comfort in my excuses.

I’m unsure if I want to admit this, but then again why not? I’m only human after all… I went through this really awfully strange stage in my social media life/career where Instagram was really beginning to annoy me. I was fed up with the constant questions from people who aren’t really ‘friends’ constantly questioning what I was doing rather than typing into Google ‘PR Girl’ or ‘Blogger’. The worst thing about me complaining now is that even if i tried, I couldn’t delete them from my profile, just block them which isn’t what I wanted and a temporary block just wouldn’t suffice. I needed something permanent.

To accompany this the constant posting of some people’s ‘perfect lives’ were really starting to jar me and I also found the constant need to check my follower numbers was some what depressing. I needed time out! Maybe I was going through somewhat of a negative phase but this among st other things, the reasons above basically drove me to delete my account, something which I now regret simply for the fact that as far as I know, Instagram will not give me back my account or username. Instagram staff if you are reading this, please give me back my account username (Chloepierreldn) and if you’ve ever felt like removing yourself from social media, I’d love to hear your thoughts and decisions on doing so.

Please leave me a comment below.

                                                                       CP xo

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