CP Interviews Valentina Nuzzi of FedoraMi

Whereas some people (and bloggers) have a speciality for shoes, bags, jewellery and clothes, my interests and obsessions have never been placed with one type of item. Instead I have a love for innovative, beautiful and interesting fashionable pieces across apparel and accessories. However, I particularly have a keen eye for great design. So when I came across the FedoraMi accessories brand I have to delve beyond the website and go straight to the designer, Valentina Nuzzi to find out all about the FedoraMi brand and who the FedoraMi woman is.

What is the history behind the FedoraMi brand?

If I had a dream, as a young girl, it was to be able to let beautiful things to last forever. Beautiful flowers, people, moments… impossible.

Growing up and after attending and completing my college degree in International Economy, I turned back toward my dream, and realised that with the right people, I could create items that could live in the heart and the hands of many people for years to come. This is how the FedoraMi project started. 

What makes this collection so special?

The FedoraMi collection is so special because it is a concoction of many special abilities that give birth to something truly unique; luxurious materials, innovative yet nostalgic ideas and Italian artisans who put all their traditional skills into their work.

Who or what inspires your designs?

The beauty, the elegance, the class of unknown ladies of the past,who slide through their lives with light grace and self assessment.

Who would you be most surprised to see wearing FedoraMi bag? 
Angela Merkel or Wonder Woman

Who is the typical FedoraMi woman? Please describe her.
Well, in my opinion, the Fedora woman is opulent, open minded towards brands, unrewarding of big names tattooed all over, modern but with a sweet tooth for vintage, quality and novelties.

What has been your career highlight so far?
My highlights were when the first bag produced, the first celebrity, Amber le Bon wearing my bag, seeing a lady on the street wearing my bag on her arm and people asking me who was the brand behind the bag I too had on my own arm.

Tell us which bag would a new customer to FedoraMi wear to;

The Office: The Valora 

 The Party Bag: Glitter Teodora  

The Festival: V bag

Which FedoraMi bag is your personal favourite?

The Valora (above) for sure! It was my first bag inspired by my grandmother.

Does FedoraMi release a new collection of handbags and accessories seasonally? What is the direction & future for the brand?

Until now FedoraMi was a seasonal collection but is soon to change although I strongly think that FedoraMi bags do not conform to any season.

Your favourite place in the world is…?

Can I say two? Rome and Los Angeles.

What is your favourite social media app and why?

I love Instagram for the images, that’s why even Pinterest has it’s own importance in the FedoraMi world.


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Finish the sentence ‘I never leave home without….’

My blackberry, the pictures of my two dogs & my beloved Nikita Sunglasses by Tom Ford.


FedoraMi was founded in 2011 as a union of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and love of original shapes and quality materials. The aim is to create an object of desire for any occasion that is unique and recognizable to the vast world of current serial production.

FedoraMi offers the possibility to customize
your own bag, choosing from dozens of different colors and materials. Each
piece requires more than a month of work; the result is a perfect balance
between functionality, timeless elegance and originality.

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