Chotto Matte Review

Although Food and restaurant reviews have recently been a rarity on the blog, I think its only fair that I begin sharing my London eatery journey’s with you and give you the heads up on the best (and down right disappointing) venues on London’s popular food scene.

Like most companies in the UK, I joined luxury online retailer THEN AND NOW on their latest festive conquest, to an intimate festive dinner and drinks session at fashion’s new dining hotspot, Chotto Matte.

The dim light, graffiti clad Japanese/ Peruvian fused restaurant, Chotto Matte which is spread of three floors and in the heart of London’s Soho, was a brilliant location to host a celebratory ‘thumbs-up’ to the festivities due. Chotto Matte is an extremely lively restaurant, with a comparable ‘Manhattan’ style atmosphere and interesting choice of decor. 

My favourite find at Chotto Matte was undoubtedly it’s toilets. Although having to descend down two floors or dark staircases in sky scraping Terry De Havilland wedges, I was pleasantly met by a sliding glass door and neon artwork before using an equally dark bathroom and a beautiful selection of mirrors by the sink. Please note, both the men’s and women’s bathroom were not easy to navigate correctly. Do not be surprised if you walk into the wrong sex bathroom because this is not clearly assigned, still the bathrooms in their own right were stylish, cool and worth their very own mention.

The menu itself was extensive and quite overwhelming, especially as I was more interested in capturing great images of the venue, but luckily on hand, was a dedicated waitress who explained in full some of the best dishes and she wasn’t wrong. 

We enjoyed a delicious array of ‘While You Wait’ starters including Cassava & waif Sweet Potato chips, salted Padron peppers, Oysters whilst for the main we went big on the sharing dishes and filled the tummies of five lively creatives with Turbot & Scallop Tiradito, Sea Bass Ceviche (a sublime dish), Cangrejos de concha blanda (a delicious soft shell crab) and the Lomo Fino, the must have dish (meat lovers only) on the menu.


  1. January 28, 2014 / 9:05 pm

    This place looks phenomenal! I miss seafood so much!

    • November 17, 2015 / 8:47 pm

      Hope you get to try it soon Caroline!

      CP xo

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