Introducing Hair Meet Wardrobe

I was invited to try out Hair Meet Wardrobe, a new Toni & Guy creative philosophy where the hair giants believe that ‘perfection happens when the right things come together’. 

I personally think Toni & Guy are on to a winning formula here. They’re creating and producing hair products which go together with your wardrobe. So, whether you’re going for the rock chic style or the beachy, tousled and carefree look, don’t just think about what garments you need to create the perfect look, but think of the entire look from head to toe. I can assure you, with Toni and Guy‘s Hair Meet Wardrobe range, you’ll definitely find a product to suit.

Being make up free at the time, it simply wasn’t suitable for me to post a full on image of my face.Sorry!

My choice of Hair Meet Wardrobe was the conical wand. I’ve always loved the beachy/ carefree look that I see countless girls rocking and wondered how on earth I’d be able to recreate the look on my natural afro hair. Initially I thought it was impossible but then the Conical Wand surprisingly proved me wrong! I got the look I wanted at home, without the need of a professional stylist.

As a newbie to hair wands, I took a look at Essie Button’s video and decided to take the plunge!

Sectioning small to medium sections of my hair, I wrapped these portions from the middle of the tongs right up to the large barrel at the top, then hand twisting the sections around my fingers after. For me personally, I decided to go against Essie Buttons recommendation of tonging the hair in different directions as I found it looked a bit strange plus I’m still getting used to what curl angles work with my face shape.

Be warned, protective gloves are essential for creating this look, unless you want cinched fingers. The Toni & Guy Conical Wand reaches up to 220°C

What do you think of my new look? 

Does the tousled wave look suit me? 

Are you a fan? Let me know.

CP xo

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