Colgate #OpticWhite AT #NYFW

As the organised blogger I am, I ensured my stay in New York was jam packed with events for me to attend so I could network and discover as many brands as possible.

So attending Colgate’s #OpticWhite launch over at Salon Ziba on was definitely on my to do list.

The event was to celebrate the launch of the #OpticWhite collection, which I didn’t get to test but I heard is great, was attended by a number of press, bloggers and celebrities including Cheetah girl Adrienne Baillon. 

We were all treated to mind blowing massages, blow sets, hair styling and make up whilst testing summer ready cocktails, scrumptious vegetarian dishes by Gardein and FroYo’s.
Note to Gardein, please start stocking the brand in the UK.

I was most impressed with the work of my hair stylist Melissa (above), as she really got to grips with my curly mane on such a humid day and made my ‘poof’ look street ready with a simple braided style. For this, I recommended she use Shea Moisture products only as I am obsessed with the brand! (Video to follow!)

I was also super surprised to bump into my lovely friends at Satya jewellery who gifted me with this gorgeous Pyrite Sun Bracelet bracelet which I have since refused to take off as their jewellery always gives me faith and hope. Thanks Satya!

I nearly forgot to mention that I also made a charitable $100 win for Skinny Girl’s! Go me!

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