What A Concoction – Review

By focusing heavily on hair and beauty on this site, representing black and afro/ Caribbean hair types within the UK is one the blog’s and my own main objectives.

Hair care is a huge priority to me and throughout the last two years, I have been testing and reviewing (mainly reporting back to friends and family) about the products which have worked miracles and other which have been nothing but a waste of time.

Luckily for me, I do not have to be specific when it comes to products like shampoo, conditioner, serums etc as my hair usually doesn’t discriminate against these types products but I’d usually like to know what I’m smothering my hair with and that it does work with my hair type.

So after attending Concoction’s recent launch in Selfridges London, a review was definitely in order. Check out my video of the launch below…

Concoction is a hair care brand that you choose and create yourself. The personalised Superserum shots are incredible! 

Just pick a base scent, two shot perscriptions and mix them all together.

Concoctions Black Pepper & Citrus Nourish SHAMPYOU, priced at £14 which I customised with Beautiful Brunette & Thermo-Straight Superserum not only smelt glorious but was kind and soft on my hair. Initially I was worried about the natural effects of black pepper and citrus products on my hair including the possibility of a weird after smell but honestly, my hair felt great and my scalp definitely took well to the shampoo too. The feeling of a fresh and breathable scalp was evident after two applications of the product during my weekly wash.

I then conditioned my hair using the Creme De Concoction Conditioner in Cashmere & White Lily, £16 which unfortunately is not customised but still smells gorgeous. As I love conditioner, I definitely applied this sparingly but a little went a very long way. Both wet and dry, i was stroking my hair for hours on end that evening.

I am totally a lover of Concoction products available via the website here.

What I love about Concoction is that they are fun! 

Not only as a customer do you have the pleasure of choosing what goes into your products, or the fact that your products are exclusive tailored to your barnet’s desires. Concoction have taken their brand one step further and created amazingly quirky packaging,with bright themes and visuals to ensure they stand out. Quite different to anything on the market and a huge selling point for me.

If you want to try Concoction yourself, get online now and don’t  forget Concoction’s three, easy and simple step by step guide:

1. Choose your preferred fragrance shampoo.

2. Choose your shots – You have a choice of two shots from 8 different superserums. (I had Beautiful Brunette and Gimme Me More Moisture)

3. Then mix and shake!

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