Spray and Go Body Moisturiser Review

I really love spray on moisturisers!

Recently I reviewed Soap and Glory’s Girligo Moisturizing Spray 

and told you all how much I loved it, but once I’d ran out of Girligo, I decided to take the plunge and opt for something new. So off I popped down to my local Boots and found Vaseline’s new Spray and Go Body Moisturiser.

I was sceptical at first because I’m not usually the biggest fan of Vaseline products but I’m so glad I took a chance on Vaseline’s Spray and Go Body Moisturiser. It claims to be a non-greasy spray on body moisturiser that absorbs in seconds so you can put your clothes straight on (although I would advise a quick rub) and is true to its word.

I often neglect moisturising my body in the morning’s because I’m too damn lazy to get up 10 minutes earlier but Spray and Go Moisturising Spray means I cant use a lack of time as an excuse any more. The continuous spray on these babies makes it even easier to get to all those hard to reach places in pretty much, no time at all! After a quick pat down you are good to go! 

I love this product and really respect that it pretty much is, what is says on the tin.

Try Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser yourself at Boots here for £4.99 a pop!

While I was out, I also picked up Garnier’s Ultimate Beauty Oil – review coming soon…

KL xo

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