Gift Guide: For HIM

1.Casa di Culture Accessories – The New Skinny 2. Stampd Tees 

3. Frends Headphones – EXCLUSIVE 

4. Coeur – Ned Bomber Jacket 5. Enzi Sneakers #EthicalBrand

I always find buying gifts for my Dad and Brother’s a chore, don’t you?

It’s not that they are fussy but I tend to find it much more hassling and time consuming than buying gifts for my circle of females i.e girlfriends, Aunts, Cousins and sometimes even the boyfriend.

How many times can you buy them games for their consoles, DVD’s, socks, alcohol, those arts & crafts  or event gadgets like the iTouch etc? 

Out of years of frustration and coming across gifts for men that I thought were quite cool. I decided to create this post/ wishlist of cool and affordable gifts to help prepare you when purchasing gifts for the men in your life.


Recieve a 25% discount of Casa di Culture accessories when you enter the code: SKINNYTIE25 at the checkout.

Please let me know if you found it helpful & what your favourite products are.

CP xo

*Excluding Stampd Tees*

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