AVON’s Make Up Launch

I’m really sorry for the delay in updating you all on my #BBlogging adventures. You may have seen a few images on my Instagram, Twitter & Pose accounts but I agree with you all, it’s really not enough. In fairness, I have been literally working so hard and juggling the role of an enthusiastic Beauty, Fashion & Events Blogger which I am trying to make a priority…please bare with me.

On the 10th July, I was kindly invited to the launch of Avon’s new make up collection ahead of its general release in August. The event held in the beautiful surroundings of The Sanderson’s Penthouse suite really proved my Mother’s point, that still after so many years Avon has proved they can still show off such splendour. 

Avon is such a well known household name, especially in my culture. I remember growing up seeing my mums family and friends, women of various skin colours and complexions ordering vast numbers of make up, toiletries and beauty tools from the pocket-sized magazines that my Mother seemed to have in every nook and cranny of our house. Little did I know at the time, my Mother was an Avon representative and did a great job at it too! So after being invited to the event, I offered my Mum a place on the guest list which she didn’t bat her eyelids twice for.

On arrival to The Sanderon Penthouse Suite, my Mother and I were greeted by an Avon hostess who us to view Avon’s Make Up collection perfectly presented across the suite. My eyes immediately fixated on Avon’s variety of new lipsticks developed with True Colour Technology which I was told, harness the full potential of a colour pigment, offering lasting vibrancy. 

My Mum on the other hand went straight for the foundations. A little less resisting of being offered a foundation match which she was professionally guided through, by brand rep India Davis.

Although having reservations on foundation and not being a huge fan of lightening concealer (my must-have) under and around the eye socket, my Mother found Avon’s “flawless, invisible coverage, liquid foundation ideal to combat (her) oily skin, which is perfect” as she often finds she needs cover without meltdown.

What are your thoughts on my Mum’s Avon Make Up Before & After?

Is Avon’s Make Up collection a keeper and ‘truly here to stay’? 

Please leave your comments in the box below the post.

Want to try Avon’s new make up collection?

Avon’s affordable Make Up Collection due to launch here in August 2013, comprises of six Ultra Colour Lip Crayons (£7.50) infused with SPF15, vitamin E, Arctic Berry and omega-3; Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss (£6.50) available in 18 colour shades including Nude Muse, Rich Raspberry and Apple Cinnamon, and Clear; six shades of waterproof Glimmerstick Lip Liner (£6); True Colour Eye Shadow Quad (£9) in nine shades such as Emerald Cut, Urban Skyline and Mod Muse; True Colour Eye Shadow Duo (£6) in six shades including Warm Cashmere, Crushed Orchid and Black Star; and True Colour 8-in-1 Eye Shadow Palette (£12) in The Nudes and The Metallics featuring crease-proof wear.

Huge thanks to Avon UK & Halpern PR xo

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