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Last week Wednesday I was kindly invited to a Blogger Event to receive a colour match solely using products by cosmetics brand Cover FX. 

Although I was delighted to receive the invitation, I have to admit that I wasn’t previously aware of the brand (yes, really) and that I was slightly apprehensive about getting colour matched. When it comes to trying new foundations and concealers, I usually purchase via recommendations of close friends and family not the general sales assistant. I find that within the UK (I cannot speak for other countries) the selection for darker skin tones is extremely limited, although getting better and mostly that receiving a colour match from a make up artist who isn’t of a similar skin tone to myself unreliable as they usually just want to make a quick sale.

In no way, shape or form am I aiming to offend but I have had plenty of experiences walking into the likes of Selfridges, House of Fraser, Debenhams and Harrods for example and walking out with products that do not match my skin tones which have ended with me looking like a ghost & positively stupid. Believe me, I have receipts & pictures to prove it! 

For me, if they look like me, they are more likely to know what beauty products will suit me best. I maybe wrong but that is my opinion. You wouldn’t get your hair done by a stylist whose hair-do looks like a bird’s nest would you? 

Basically purchasing new foundations, powders and  concealers has never been an exciting shopping experience. That is until now!

Cover FX was actually created for people with real skin disorders and irritations and patented by colours created for actual patients hence why products like Cover FX Mattifying Primers come with a built in Anti Acne Treatment and are loved by reality TV Stars, The Kardashians.

Upon arriving to the Cover FX counter within House Of Fraser, Oxford Circus I was met by an extremely well dressed, CoverFX Rep called Derek Selby who began discussing Cover FX products in fine detail whilst swamped by a group of interested and varied young women. After his insightful introduction, I was handed a flute of fruit juice which I later swapped to prosecco and introduced to Make Up Artist, Allison Edwards who kindly led me through my first colour match with Cover FX.

The Colour FX Tutorial with Allison Edwards

Step 1: Allison cleansed my skin lightly and proceeded into the first steps of preparing ones skin.

Step 2: To ensure a smooth and lasting coverage, Cover FX Mattifying Primer was used sparingly over my face using a clean Cover FX Concealer Brush.

Step 3: N Deep Cream Concealer was used all over my face using another concealer brush. 

(Please see the image below for coverage)

Step 4: Allison began to set the cream concealer with Matt Loose Setting Powder in Light.

Step 5: Apply N70 Creme (Mineral) Foundation using Cover FX’s new & exclusive Foundation Brush (below)to obtain an even foundation coverage. 

Step 6: Using Cover Fx’s Powder Brush, N70 Matt Setting Powder Foundation was then used to set the creme foundation. The Powder Foundation was patted on to the skin then was retouched (using the same brush) and a buffing type technique to capture the moisture in the foundation.

Please note: This is a lot of make up and I would not recommend wearing this much make up everyday. Allison advises, if this is too heavy, after using concealer, cover the face with foundation powder but she strongly recommends going one shade lighter. In my case, N60 Powder would be the appropriate choice.

Everyday Use: Cover FX’s Concealer & Powder

Step 7: On request Allison began contouring the prepped face using Cover FX’s Bronzed FX in Gold, applying the shimmery bronzer to slightly lower than my cheekbones (when smiling)

Step 8: Earthy tones from Mint Tint Lip Glass in Merlot was used to finish off my ‘red carpet make up’

Ta Daaaa!

I was so pleased with the Cover FX products team, I had to get a post written asap! Please head down to your nearest Cover FX counter and give it a go!

Cover FX – Makeup Innovations for Every Skin Type & 


CP x

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  1. July 7, 2013 / 8:26 pm

    Thanks Stephanie. I'm so happy to have discovered Cover FX. Have you tried them?
    P.s Great blog! Now following you! x