Debenhams – Plus Size & Diversity Campaign

Just as the retailer we’ve all grown to love, some to hate, seemed to have disappeared behind the likes of high street competitors, Selfridges & John Lewis, Debenhams has bounced back with more punch than anyone in the fashion industry could have dreamed of, or better yet, dare!

With a fast forward-thinking approach, Debenham’s started working with campaigner and fashion commentator Caryn Franklin, MBE. to create a high-summer lookbook featuring both men and women from a truly diverse range of backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes. 

“To showcase the range of sizes and labels at Debenhams this season, I chose models to inspire us with their own unique looks and personalities. I loved seeing the way that clothes emboldened each woman and man, and I loved being on a shoot where no two models were the same. As a commentator on the importance of seeing a broader range of body and beauty ideals in our media, I never underestimate the power of great clothes to bolster self-esteem, or the impact of imagery that celebrates difference.” Caryn Franklin, MBE

I can also report that the high street store has also introduced plus-sized mannequins into flagship stores and banned airbrushing from its swimwear campaigns. Now, Debenhams proudly sits on the Body Confidence Advisory Committee board.

Refinery 29 London so beautifully highlights, “A lookbook, something that’s not normally meant for public consumption, is an important tool for the business to entice press to use their clothing in editorial features. By showing how fantastic this collection looks on a wider range men and women, it not only showcases the great design, but also highlights the potential for a wider swath of customers to love wearing it, too.”

Read more on the retailer’s outstanding move at my favourite online destination, Refinery 29 London here

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