Kirk Originals Sale

A friend of mine recently tweeted his need of a new pair of designer sunglasses and felt no shame in saying he didn’t want to spend a penny on this magical pair either.

Luckily for him he is industry affiliated with tons of contacts only too happy to bow down and drop him designer frames. Now for some of us…life just isn’t that easy!

I mean I do get my fair share of freebies but its not something I wish to promote…life isn’t about freebies… in my opinion, the more you work for something, the more valuable it is.

Saying that, those lovely gals and guys over at Kirk Original’s thought it was about time they treated you, my gorgeous and patient readers to some real designer discounts.

As of today my lovelies, you can purchase a pair of Kirk Original sunglasses at the hugely discounted price of £75!!!

This doubles up as a great Mother’s Day Gift too doesn’t it?!

Want to know more? 

Click here to view the wide range of models which come in a variety of colours too!

Then email the product reference 

mentioning *ChloePierreLDN* in the subject line!


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