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Just when I thought a break at this time of year was simply impossible, I was sent an angel which came in the form of an invite to French skincare brand, Caudalie’s press launch held at the stunning Soho Hotel, off Wardour Street, London. 

As you can see above, I was introduced to the gorgeously mannered Caudalie team, who gave me a short tutorial on the brand and the latest product line to be introduced to the market shortly, the Premier Cru collection.

Now if the product’s packaging alone, does not spell luxury then I don’t know what will!

Marketed as a new cult favourite and ‘A Rare Vintage’, the Premier Cru product line, consisting of a morning and evening face cream and Eye Cream, the Premier Cru line presents itself in an airless pump bottle made from glass and an invisible bag which is magnificent as its fully recyclable.

Did you know that Caudalie donates 1% of its turnover to environmental associations and commits to preserving the following:

Protecting forests with reforestation – Help developing sustainable palm oil – Developing responsible farming and supporting local producers – Help developing a sustainable, organic and fair-trade shea butter industry

What I personally love about the Premier Cru line and Caudalie on a whole is that firstly, its a natural cosmetic brand and secondly it’s divine scent, which strikes a delicate accord of vine roses with a subtle blend of oak barrel…it’s so gorgeous, believe me!

The new Premier Cru is an exclusive blend of Caudalie’s 3 most popular ingredients and patent including the latest high concentrated dosage of Resveratrol-Oleyl.

To some, this may be scientific gobly-goop but what I understood of the Premier Cru line, is that its an exceptional youth molecule. 

Now while such a covetable product like this may not work to its full potential on someone as young as myself (I am twenty five), I am keen to see the results on the likes of my Grandmother or Mother, both well above the ages of fifty years.

Stay tuned for my results, which according to Caudalie have been scientifically proven to become evident within six days, when applied twice per day.

What are your thoughts on Caudalie products in general? Are you a fan? 

I see Liberty London Girl is a huge fan…but what about you?

I think I’m fast going to be converted to Caudalie. Will you be too? 

CP xo

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