Mijanou – Holiday In Hydra

One could really begin to despise the Australians. 
Not only is their fashion pushing global boundaries at the moment but ultimately, they have the best weather ever!
Whilst most people reading this post, are bearing through winter weather including freezing cold climates and nasty showers, those lucky Australians are enjoying strokes of heat in what we call the winter season.

Nevertheless, I feel compelled to document the rise in Australian fashion brands. 
One that has caught my eye this week is Mijanou, presented to me by membership at The Lane Style House

The brand Mijanou was founded by Karen Connell, whose mother started a fashion business when she was 12, decided to follow her heart and opened a fashion store at Bondi Beach, after working as an Analytical Chemist in Pharmaceutical companies for 6 years.
Karen later went back to study fashion and created unique pieces for the store. After moving to the Sunshine State of Queensland Karen decided to launch the swimwear label Mijanou in February 2012. Mijanou is the creation of Karen’s passion to produce the most fashion forward swimwear label in Australia today

Today, Karen & label Mijanou presents the 2013 ‘Holiday In Hydra’ collection which  epitomizes the real meaning luxurious swimwear with a European twist.  “Holiday in Hydra” is inspired by art nouveau, baroque and vintage jewels to create glamorous and unique pieces for those long days and balmy summer nights.

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