This Is B Side – Big Up London

Those cool kids over at This Is B Side By Wale have got me all excited with their current Big Up Britain campaign which commemorates the huge spotlight on London and the UK at the moment, not to mention, I’m a huge fan of the ‘British’ & ‘Big Up London’ T-shirts which can be purchased here
Represent UK!

 Chase N Status ‘Big Up London’ Tee

 Our mate Mikill Pane in Big Up London’ Tee

Delilah in Big Up London’ Vest

“With all eyes are on London
and Britain
this summer with the Olympics coming to town, r
ather than go down the predicted Union Jack and
buntings route, B-side have switched things up so you can be proud to be
British without having to be all ‘red white and blue’

All bases are covered…the “Big up London” tee for Londoners
and for those outside the capital…

the “British” tee

Premium tee shirts in black or white, with
quintessential Olde English Gothic printing. 

All come complete with commemorative inlays,
stickers and badges

Part of B-side’s “Big up Britain
campaign which will culminate in a huge gathering in the summer to coincide
with the Olympics.

Now you can be patriotic but still keep it real” 

This Is B-Side

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