Make wardrobe history with Alexander McQueen

People who are not really involved/ interested in the fashion/ creative industry ask me constantly ‘Why do these fashion designers make clothes that everyday people cant or wont wear?”

Now I usually give a whole range of answers to this question, but my favourite answer, which only adds to their confusion is, that high street brands and fashion lovers all over the globe take inspiration from these ‘crazy, outlandish’ designs.

By this point, the conversation is usually drawing to a close as they often feel that I haven’t answered their question at all and that fashion is for ditzy chicks… yes, I have been called a ditzy chick because I have a strange ‘obsession’ with fashion. 

But what I am now happy to use as a reference for the next person who asks me such, is the new Alexander McQueen website, which is just so gorgeous and interactive that I want everyone to test it out, hence my need to blog about it immediately.

The British power/ fashion house, McQ, has now fused together the high-fashion vision of Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen, into  cool, everyday pieces, along with the latest McQ collection and made it accessible for you to buy, here & right now via:

Now this is no ordinary online shopping experience, this a unique service, where as the shopper, you can not only shop the latest collection, but you can view the latest runway show, view the look book which gives you a complete run through of the story behind every piece and even an area for you to collate your own archive of your favourite McQ images.

Now for all you competition fiends, like myself, Grazia is currently running a competition where you can win £200 to spend solely on the historic new collection from Alexander McQueen. Dont miss it!

Enter here

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