Happy 75th Birthday Ray-Ban!

Yes, you’ve heard it here!

Today is the 75th anniversary of one of my most beloved and coveted brands, Ray-Ban Sunglasses!

Happy Birthday Ray-Ban!

I literally could not live without you, so for every Saturday/ Sunday morning when I’m doing the ‘dirty stop out, walk of shame from a rave/after party or friends house’ or those holidays in Paris, Las Vegas, Bahrain, St Lucia & Jamaica where the sun was just too much for my squinty eyes, or when I’m just plain drunk or hanging after too many cocktails, I thank you & love you tremendously!

To celebrate their Anniversary, what hasn’t the Italian glasses giant, Ray-Ban got for you?!

There’s the Mixtape available by clicking here

A Ray-Ban Facebook & iPhone App… I’ve got it… get yours here

The Virtual Mirror which allows you to try on frames from the comforts of your home

Ray-Ban have also introduced some new and improved collection lines, including the Ambermatic line, four styles of sunglasses with special lenses retailing for £178 and available from June

Then there’s the Legends!

Reinvented glasses from the classic Ray-Ban collection, in premium materials and three new coloured vintage lens’ and just like real legends, they are made over time, through consistency, courage and most importantly, character.

My favourite frames from the Legend collection has to be the Meteor, Aviator & Laramie (as shown below)

Now for the Optical Collection;

My Fav’s – The Cat Eye Frames!

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