Goodbye KG’s

With great sadness and a mass of reluctance, I must say goodbye to my beautiful Kurt Geiger sandals.

Although we only spent a year together, I can only describe that time as being on of the best times of my life. When I thought my only option at times was to wear heels, you popped into sight and made me at ease. I will never forget the endless trips to Shoreditch & Oxford Circus and how you got me through the summer at London Fashion Week 2011.

My only wish is that KG would had maufactured you a bit differently. That strap at the back, where you ultimately met your death, was always going to be a problem, and although I knew that one day, you would split, I prayed for the strength for you to hang on.

Regrettably, this is goodbye but I can say you will be sorely missed, and undoubtedly, you are irreplaceable.

Lots of love, CP xo

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