Blackberry #BBM Party

Last night I attended the infamous Blackberry #BBM Party which was intended to promote the new BBM service feature, Blackberry have now incorporated.

I was shocked to see that despite having a super VIP entrance secluded for the likes of celebrities only, (I partied alongside real celebrities such as Jessie J, Wretch 32, Chipmunk, Lisa Mafia, DJ Swerve etc) there was a huge amount of excitable Blackberry ‘teen users’ as the Metro newspaper called them, and non-industry folk who ended up ruining the night with stupid behaviour including the well publicised ‘stabbing’

Please note; I got home at 3am after being locked in the venue (The Bankside Vaults) with a serious lack of communication as to when I’d be allowed to leave. The plus side being, there was huge amounts of water available.

I guess this will teach Blackberry to keep their events as ‘industry only’

Despite the drama, I had a great time! Check out some of my pics from the night;

Sandy of @SandyEntPR & I having a right laugh!

So I posed for a pic with TOWIE star Lauren Goodger – I actually wanted one with Lydia Bright 🙁

Sandy and the gorgeous Lucien Laviscount


Cute Rita Ora fan!

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