I heart XOMAN Music

I admit, I’m not really one who gets starstruck neither do I constantly stalk the web looking at new artists as some as my friends do. I see people that are doing their thing ‘musically, within fashion etc.’ and that’s super but I wont usually put a face to a name like you would do if we were talking about Kim Kardashian or Ed Sheeran for example.

Basically, after doing research into Farah Vintage in my last post, I came across Little Ghosts ft XO Man’s tune  Je Suis Fantasiqueand looking further into both talents, I immediately noticed this tall, big fella known as XO Man.
I mean he’s pretty hard to miss right?! But I’ve seen this dude around town a number of times, and at a number of events but didnt know who the F he was.

To cut a long story short, I’m really digging his music, plus he features Mikill Pane, a long time figure associated within my childhood and teenage years, on the tune ‘Follow Fashion’ along with Master Shortie & Sincere.
I prefer the acoustic version featuring Ed Sheeran more though. I think I just have an obsession with Ed singing lyrics like he’s actually from ‘the hood’ LOL

Its big! 

And out on iTunes NOW so go purchase it here – http://bit.ly/rCPDwh


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