@ChloePierreLDN shares Vintage Finds

My Mother once thought of it as one of my many fazes but how wrong was she!
I LOVE Vintage and have been a serious collector of vintage clothing for over 5 years now.
At one point I had over 50 daily emails from vintage collectors from all over the globe!
One of my firm favourites though, was Dorothea’s Closet. Its just full of such exquisite pieces that take you down film memory lane.

Look at a few pieces I sourced online…like this sheath dress…very festival like

And this gown is very old Hollywoof Glmour…just look at that beautiful open back feature

Now I was in awe when I found this Lattice Body Dress…I’ve been searching for a Lattice dress for about 5 years now but never found one that would go so perfectly with my ‘Loubs’…wouldn’t they just be perfect with this dress and those vintage gloves below;

When I saw these gloves it reminded me of the Peony Lim at Paris Fashion Week image I saw on Facehunter‘s Instagram…I love this outfit’s use of my colour of the moment, mint green…its so soft, I love the layers and I think the outfit is just incredibly beautiful!

Lets hope Dorothea’s Closet has a few pairs of these gloves so we don’t have to fight over them!

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