Interview: Chromeo

On Friday 25th November, I met with Electro-Funk duo Chromeo who were in London to perform the last leg of their tour at HMV’s Forum, in celebration with the Bushmill’s ‘Since Way Back’ campaign for which they have been ambassador’s of for the last 2 years..

The event marked the first full introduction of the Bushmills Whiskey initiative to London.

Inspired by Bushmills Irish traditions of recognizing, enduring kinship, the ‘Since Way Back’ was developed in early 2009 to document and celebrate the close relationships shared between lifelong friends in New York and has now transcended all across the globe.

Check out the interview with one half of Chromeo, Dave 1 below…

Clo Clo’s Closet: Hey Dave! Thanks for taking time out to chat with me before your performance. How you enjoying your time in London?

Dave 1: Ah, no problem. Thank you. I’m loving it here in London. I love London and the people here. The wit is so funny! I love going to different places within the capital, its not my first time here. I like hanging out in Dalston, oh and Cockfoster’s too.

Clo Clo’s Closet: Overall, how did your tour go? 

Dave 1: It’s been a long year and a half but its been great! Performing in LA was real classy but I’m looking forward to performing here tonight.

Clo Clo’s Closet: Who chose Breakbot to support tonight? 

Dave 1: We both did.We dig his stuff and its very similar to our own work, he’s like a musical cousin in effect so we got him on board

Clo Clo’s Closet: If you could do it all again, would you choose different acts to support you?

Dave 1: No not at all. There’s no reason to change that at all! We chose them because they dope guys and we love what they do so no we wouldn’t change that. We’d do it all again.

Clo Clo’s Closet: How you feeling for tonight’s after party at Le Baron, Mayfair?

Dave 1: Good. Yeah. I’ll stay for four (both parties chuckle) No really in all honesty we’re not big drinkers, we like to have one of two but its not about consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. That’s why we like being Ambassadors for the Bushmill’s ‘Since Way Back’ campaign. We’re not saying go out there and get drunk, like the whiskey, you just have enough to get that great taste. We don’t over do it.

Clo Clo’s Closet: What can we expect you to play tonight?

Dave 1: All the hits! All of them!

Clo Clo’s Closet: What’s your favourite track on the Business Casual album? 

Dave 1: Oh that’s a hard one but for me, its got to be Night By Night. It started off with an idea P had. He sent it over and we just cleaned it up.

 (Clo Clo’s Closet agrees. It’s a big tune! Great for early morning motivation)

Clo Clo’s Closet: What made you sign up as ambassadors of  the Bushmills Whiskey ‘Since Way Back’ campaign?

Dave 1: As I said before, its not about promoting irresponsible drinking. Just look at the press image, we dont have drinks in our hands or are getting drunk. Its about the music and us a band. That’s what we love about being apart of the Bushmill’s campaign.

Clo Clo’s Closet: How do you feel about having the camera’s around all the time, documenting your lives and relationships etc?

Dave 1: Its nothing. We’re extremely grateful and thankful to Bushmills.

Clo Clo’s Closet: How do you feel about the love you get from Facebook and Twitter? Gosh you’ve got like 65.000 followers dude?

Dave 1: Oh we love it but you know I don’t see 65,000 followers as alot.

Clo Clo’s Closet: Really?

Dave 1: Yeah because you know, individual artists get a whole lot more. For some reason with a band there’s not as much association with vocals as there are with individual artists.

Clo Clo’s Closet: How do you give back to your fans?

Dave 1: Oh we do lots. We give out loads of freebies, like downloads and stuff. We do meet and greets, write back to our fan mail as often as possible, sort people out with tickets you know. We like that.

Clo Clo’s Closet:What would you like some one new to your music to know about the band, music, your past, present and future?

Dave 1: I’d just say, yo! Enjoy it!

Clo Clo’s Closet: Whats next on your list of things to do and conquer?

Dave 1: Just going back home to work on the next album. That’s the main thing to do. I’m looking forward to that.

Clo Clo’s Closet: So before you go, you must tell me what you are wearing?

Dave 1: Haha, really. 

Clo Clo’s Closet:Yes!

Dave 1: Okay my shoes, scarf & jeans are all Dior and my jacket is from Maison Martin Margiela.

Clo Clo’s Closet: Great brands! It was lovely to meet you! Have a great night.

Dave 1: Yeah same to you. See you at the after party.

*Thanks to Chromeo & Erika at Corner Stone Agency*

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