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Last night I caught up with the fabulous Made In Chelsea star & young entrepreneur Amber Atherton, who, busy launching the successful Internet jewellery website,’s, found time to host the launch of uber cool and equally gorgeous, jewellery designer Tina Lilenthal’s collection of must have necklaces this season, for

The launch hosted freakishly on Halloween 2011, in Soho’s Barrio Central, saw outstanding performances from London singer Ruby Goe, an exclusive set from Sunday Girl and Amber’s cast members from Made In Chelsea arrive to support. 

I caught up with the tremendous twosome for an interview regarding the fabulous range of necklaces they’ve produced and this is what they had to tell me…

CP:What inspired you to start MyFlashTrash? 
AA: I’ve always had a love of jewellery so Flash Trash has turned it into a passion and being able to give up and coming designers a platform is extremely rewarding

CP: Who are your favourite jewellery designers in the current market?
AA: Tina Lilenthal, of course (laughs from both Amber & Tina)

CP: What is the inspirations behind the collection?
TL:I was inspired by opposites. Adam & Eve, Boy & girl, you know, and also by lashes.

CP:Tina, if you could some up your look and/or the collections aesthetic in three words or less, what would they be?
TL: Dead cute & Halloween

CP: Who and what age group are you targeting this collection towards?
TL: Women  (and men) who love edgy, fun jewellery but I would say females between the ages of 25 to 65 years

CP:Tina, where do you find your greatest inspirations to design etc?
TL:I find them everywhere but I am a huge fan of David Lachapelle Photography 

CP:Are your designs influenced by fashion & if so which designer’s catwalk would you most like to see your pieces in?
TL:Yes I love fashion but my collection is trans seasonal and I wanted to ensure that it remains that way as fashion can sometimes restrict this but Christopher Kane definitely.

CP: What have you taken from your experiences that you feel has made you a better designer?
TL: Keeping things in perspective and working with different people.

CP: What are your plans for the future of and the jewellery collections?
AA: To go global
TL: I have a few projects in the pipeline including a glow in the dark theme but I cannot shed too much on that right now
AA: (Gasps) I cannot wait for that! 

“A terrifying mix of ‘devishly cute’ necklaces including sculls, crossbones, cherries, strawberries and rabbits as pendants” 

Available to purchase now via the site

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