Wednesday 12th October 2011

The Uniqlo’s 10th Anniversary Party held on Regent Street was A-mazing! Not only were there celebrations throughout the day, to open one of their oldest West end stores but they decided to make ‘Regent Street Happy’ by sending out Uniqlo Street teams who gave out balloons and random acts to consumers and passers by. I didn’t know Uniqlo was such a positive brand! I initially thought their events and discount shopping codes were as far as they went. I am happily surprised. Can you tell?

Unfortunately I didn’t make one of the first 4000+ customers as I didn’t receive a breakfast, cashmere scarf, limited edition tote bag or any of that freeness, but I did have a good time mingling with the Uniqlo staff and other fashion, bloggers & pr people on the night.

It was truly memorable! I cant wait for the 11th & 12th Anniversary!

Congratulations to a wonderful & successful brand.

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