An Inspirational Woman

Flicking through my emails a few minutes ago, I came across a newsletter from the fabulous Stylist Magazine, who despite both parties hectic work schedules,  managed to speak to some of the most influential & inspirational women in flourishing UK business’ & careers to date.

One comment which I was interested to read and truly moved by, were the words of Swimwear Designer extraordinaire, Melissa Odabash who I absolutely love and secretly delighted when she began following me on Twitter.

Not only was what she said was professional and most appropriate to someone in a working situation like myself (currently on my last legs of an internship with the amazing PR company Exposure PR) but it was pretty down to earth from someone of her position and refreshing to read.

Melissa Odabash founded her famous swimwear label single-handedly in 1995 –

“When women stick together, it is a formidable force. I’ve had female bosses treat me horribly, so I’ve done the opposite. If you’re going to yell at someone every time you walk into the room, your employees will be on edge and less productive. I tell everyone about great interns I’ve had and help them get jobs. It sells papers to talk about women toppling other women; what they forget to point out is that when we form a great workplace bond, we lean on each other and help each other even years after sharing an office.”

When I make it, and I believe I will, I want to shake the hands of Melissa Odabash.

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