Supra Sky Top III Launch

So Friday night was one of the most fun nights I’ve had ALL year!!! We started off with drinks at work…as you do…BIG UP Exposure & Exposure Edit PR…

Then we headed down to the Supra Sky Top III Launch event in Soho which was great! Good music (courtesy of DJ Motive & DJ Yasmin), great people (everyone in there was either really nice or really cool..including the staff BIG UP to the staff at St Barnabas House for putting up with me.

Here’s a few photo’s I managed to collect off the night…check out the photographer Will Robson Scott

And I really did fall in love with this display of Supra Sky Top III’s made to look like the British Flag…I think I need to get myself a pair…soonish!

Gossip from the event includes the doors to the House of Barnabas opened at 9 p.m, within six minutes, the place was packed & by ten, the house was at capacity and no one was allowed entry unless someone left. At some point into the event 80 troublesome revellers (no one from my camp btw) were booted out of the venue. Guess we werent the only one’s ‘enjoying’ ourselves!

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