Amy Winehouse Tribute

Although not in total shock over the death of singer Amy Winehouse simply because drugs & drink eventually do take their toll if abused and can kill….but I must admit that I’m extremely saddened over the tragic end to her life and am lost for words of sympathy.

I’ve heard such nasty comments posted via social networks including Twitter & Facebook to name a few and I’m absolutely disgusted! Some people have no respect whatsoever for human life! So what if she was a drug user and frequent binge drinker? I would love to meet someone who hadn’t met one in their life!

The troubled jazz singer won me over way back in 2003 for her vocals on tracks “You Sent Me Flying“/”Cherry” & “I Heard Love Is Blind” then took the piss with ‘Back to Black’.

I converted all my girlfriends to that album after playing in on a constant repeat when they came round to mine and even more so when they weren’t there.

I personally think Amy was such raw talent & incredibly gorgeous, especially before the drugs, drink & marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil although media circulated images of Amy with blisters & scars on her face and bloodied ballet slippers actually made me heave…

But unlike other websites & blog posts you may have come across since Saturday, I want to remember Amy at her best musically & also personally…so I leave you with these images…

RIP Amy Winehouse & much sympathy to the family/ friends of the talented singer xo 

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