Iceeeeey Baby

Bluberry Ice 

Let The Shoes Do The Talking!

On my travels and twittering escapades this week, I was introduced to new label Bluberry.

A brand new female footwear company who have obviously taped into what we women love more than chocolate…YES! More than chocolate and that’s BLING!!!

Marilyn Monroe – Elizabeth Taylor…do I need to state more references?

The luxurious brand which covers its products in none other than Swarovski crystals was formed over a year ago as a result of true passion and undeniable talent and can today proudly present themselves as beautiful footwear creations that women from around the world can fall in love with.

The gorgeous collection of 5 heeled styles are limited edition pieces with only a small amount of shoes produced on a monthly basis. Prices range from £500 for sling back models, and move up to £795 for the platform court styles, with prices for bespoke items varying. In addition to the gorgeous shoes, Bluberry have also created the perfect accessories – phones, zippy lighters and are currently crystallizing make-up palettes in a collaboration with a global make-up brand which will launch soon enough, with plans for a Bluberry Ice fragrance (fully Swarovski crystal encrusted bottle) being released also.

What do you think? Me?

I’m actually in awe! I cant believe I didn’t put these on my birthday wish list..if only…(sigh)

Reminds me of the image of Louboutin’s lurking around on everyone’s BBM, which I have to say, I don’t like…they are too ‘clonky’..i don’t think their very feminine…a bit cheap looking and clunky lol

I’d rather me a Bluberry Ice!

Orders can now be made via

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