Morning my beautiful people!

Hope your day has got off on a fabulous start! Mine definitely has!
I gave gifts to family members yesterday (all shall be revealed in the next few months 😉 and this morning I had my hair did! um hmmm yes I did! Dont you just love squeeky clean hair that blows in the wind?
And to top it off I’m wearing my new ck one flourescent pink skinny jeans! They are fab!
I’ll get a pic added later also.

So what has made my morning truly exciting is the re-release of Beyonce’s ‘Get me bodied’ single off the album Bday, but this time she’s renamed the track ‘Move your body’.

I think its the video, that makes me want to do dance! I can just imagine doing the routine at home in front of my mirror…lol!
We all know B can dance but she takes this video right back to school for the USA campaign Let’s Move! which aims to get school pupils into healthy eating & healthy lifestyles.

My favourite parts to the video is when she brings in the salsa, the dougie & then the dancehall! This girl is freaking amazing!
And her dancers are all extra cute! Check out the little dude on her right! BOY! He can move!

If your reading this Beyonce, I LOVE YOU!!! xo

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