Clo Clo xo Burberry


Obviously not as much as I do! I’m going crazy over the collection & the campaign featuring some of the most beautiful ‘brown’ models I have seen in a looooong time (Jourdan Dunn’s comeback to modelling – sure to be a huge hit!)

Just look how they are representing us Brits!!!! Whooop whoop to Burberry!!!

P.s dont be confused…this is a SS 2011 collection…who wears leather in the Spring/ Summer…yes us British people lol

These celebrity’s are loving it just as much as me…except they have the cash mulla to pimp themselves out in it head to toe where as a normal fashion marketing intern like myself….errr…cant afford it! But I will be browsing & trying on stuff soon so stay tuned for pics….If anyone wants to make a donation to this fund please email me at

Muchos grazias


Tinie’s wearing the male version of the biker jacket to Jourdan’s one above… saw a woman whilst having cockatils at the Trader’s vic in London’s Hilton on Park Lane… I wanted to jump into it and run off…but obviously I’m a lady *blushes* and ladies would not do such a thing hahaha…I’m waiting for my millionaire boyfriend to purchase me 3 of the Burberry coats/ jackets

Kate Bosworth looking like a right English bird here…I love love LOVE the boots & love love LOVE the stud detailing!

Check out the quilting detail! I’m not a fan of the beige on beige but then again its Burberry…does it really matter?

Here’s a few more celebs in the Burberry Prorsum coats/ jackets…hate em & love em…the celebs that is!

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