Celeb Spotting

Gosh I love working for Calvin Klein…..
One of the reasons is that I got to do a little bit of celeb spotting this morning from our Head Office kitchen window lol

Today was the opening of Carnaby Street store Day 22 which is the brainchild of deisgner Lamis Khamis & glamour model & tv personality Katie Price AKA Jordan

To be quite honest, I wasn’t star struck as I have been in the past, which is a shame.
Due to recent media attention, I’m pretty fed up with seeing stories on Katie Price, Alex Reid, Peter Andre…it’s so boring & unnecessary…why would you really want your whole life plastered on the covers of Uk newpapers? There really is no valid explaination so from here on out…I’m over it and wont report anything on the subject at all

But back to fashion news, heres some background on Day 22 the shop & brand
‘They (Katie & Lamis” wanted to create a brand that is stylish, comfortable, edgy and of quality. Pieces you would want to wear forever.

Most importantly Katie and Lamis wanted a brand that is fresh all the time, with new pieces added monthly, being clothes or accessories… so they decided that on Day 22 of every month they will add new pieces to the collection. All the pieces will be of limited edition and never repeated identically… so ‘Day 22’ was born.


nothing more interesting to report on this subject so I’m out xo

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