The Brits 2011 – The Freaking Worst

Wassup London & the world!
Im truly in absolute shock! My lil bebs Tiny Tempah scored big time last night! Rhianna looked amazing, so did Cheryl (no surpise there) but bloody heck did some people look freakking awful! I couldnt believe what I was seeing from the red carpet….Shock Freaking Horror Mate (cockney accent)

I actually dont even want to comment but I’ll just say a few words on each of these Monstrosities!! Truly awful!! Please sack your stylists…I’d have done a better job…better still I can actually help you…for FREE!

Right….I mean wrong….whats going on with Angellica’s hair? Someone needs to take that chick to see Errol Douglas ASAP…her husband gets a thumbs up from me though…..he’s heard of the term swagger and is working his way up…not perfect but he’s climbing

Alesha, Alesha, Alesha!!!! Gold & Silver!! Really…was that necessary? Who was your stylist…I have a good mine to send them and you an ambulance even if I am 24 hours late…this is dreadful….as Milly Milan once said…girls that wear gold & silver end up in ambulances…it serves them right…karma…!

Okay…Avtril how old are you now? Been hanging out with Brody Jenner for too long I see…Hollywood! 

Alesha again…I cant get over it! PMSL!!!!

Heidi is another blast from the past! And I dont mean that I havent seen or heard a squeak from this chick in like a year! But what is she wearing???? The belt, shoes…? The Jumpsuit is on trend but deary deary me…heres another one that needs a stylist! Dont answer back cos you do!

What would Massoud say? Haha Camel Toe! Camel Toe! PMSL

Nah but for real! Preeya is a beauty! A real stunner! I dunno what happened to her after Eastenders but the Channel AKA video girl routine and this outfit is wrong! Dread!!!! Flippin dreadful!

I also had a picture of Model Caprice but it doesnt seem to be loading….funny that….she would have got Clo Clo’s worst dressed gong…I dont know what she was wearing or why she was even at the Brits (she does not sing nor is she British) but hey ho…..lets get on to the real stars and leave these lot waaaaaaaaaaaaaay at the back


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